Orthodontic Emergencies

Life doesn’t always run smoothly. Your car gets a flat tire, you computer is malfunctioning, the local ATM is broken ? and an orthodontic emergency crops up.

At the start of your orthodontic care from Lehi Orthodontics, we will review with you how to handle most cases of broken or loose braces, as well as irritations due to your appliances. While some situations can be adequately managed until your next scheduled visit, others will require immediate professional attention.

Orthodontic appliances can become loose and damaged, often as the result of eating the wrong foods, or harmful oral habits such as biting your nails or chewing on ice, pencils and pens. However, there are occasions when even normal usage and good care will cause a brace to break, a protruding wire to become irritation or an elastic accessory to dislodge.

Common orthodontic emergencies can come in the form of:

  • poking or protruding wires.
  • a loose molar band.
  • a loose or broken orthodontic bracket.
  • a dislodged elastic ligature band.
  • broken or bent removable appliances.

Though all of the above situations might be be uncomfortable and upsetting, other problems can develop – ones that fall into the category of serious health emergencies. If you start to have severe pain, develop significant swelling or have sustained an injury to the teeth, mouth or jaws, it is essential to get prompt medical and dental attention. Once the extent of your injury or infection has been determined, it can be treated accordingly.

At the office of Lehi Orthodontics, we will work with your medical and dental team to adjust, remove or replace your appliances as needed. Please don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment or learn about all of our other services.