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Peter M. Vrontikis DDS, MS


Dr. Peter Vrontikis adopts a patient-centered approach to orthodontic treatment, valuing meaningful connections and open communication. With a strong emphasis on clarity, he encourages questions to ensure that patients have a comprehensive understanding of their treatment journey. Dr. Vrontikis takes pride in his ability to foster a comfortable environment where patients feel heard and well-informed.


Dr. Vrontikis is a highly educated and board certified orthodontist. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in exercise physiology from the University of Utah, followed by his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California (USC). He was one of six residents selected out of 500 applicants to the Advanced Orthodontic program at University of Southern California, where Dr. Vrontikis was the chief resident. During his residency at USC, Dr. Vrontikis obtained his advanced orthodontic certificate and master's degree in craniofacial biology.

As an ABO board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Vrontikis has extensive knowledge of dentofacial orthopedics and is skilled in treating all types of malocclusions with an artistic eye and meticulous attention to detail. ABO board certification is a distinction Dr. Vrontikis is proud to hold. Only 1 in 3 orthodontists are ABO board certified. His passion for orthodontics is evident in his commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies.


Orthodontics has been a passion for Dr. Vrontikis since age 14, when he was inspired by his orthodontist, the late Dr. David Roberts in Midvale, Utah. Throughout his career, he has always possessed a natural ability to connect with and understand people. He prides himself on clear communication and respecting everyone involved in the orthodontic team, which includes patients, parents, families, team members and doctors. Dr. Vrontikis encourages and appreciates questions from patients and parents, as he strives to provide them with a detailed understanding of their treatment.

Dr. Vrontikis was born and raised in Salt Lake and has a large family spread throughout the Salt Lake Valley. After spending many years in Southern California, Dr. Vrontikis and his wife, Christina, are excited to put down roots in Salt Lake City and to be a part of the community. Dr. Vrontikis and Christina have an energetic and bright daughter, Markella. She has been the most adventurous and joyful addition to their family. The trio are often out walking their Boston Terriers, traveling, and enthusiastically supporting our University of Utah football team, GO UTES! Dr. Vrontikis and Christina are expecting their second child, a baby boy, in September 2023. Dr. Vrontikis enjoys hunting for elk, fishing, boating, camping and golfing. Dr. Vrontikis treats everyone like family and always tries to genuinely connect to those around them hoping to brighten up their day and make everyone feel included.

What is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontic specialists possess a wealth of expertise in addressing a wide spectrum of dental and facial irregularities, encompassing concerns such as overcrowding, spacing, and abnormal bite patterns. These conditions can significantly impact an individual's oral health and overall well-being. By choosing an orthodontist to oversee your orthodontic treatment, you ensure that you receive the highest level of care and attention, backed by the most advanced and effective treatment options available. With their profound knowledge and skill, orthodontists can help you achieve a lasting, healthy, functional, and visually appealing smile that will endure throughout your lifetime.

What is ABO Certification?

To attain the esteemed ABO (American Board of Orthodontics) certification, orthodontists must undergo evaluation by a discerning examination panel, where they are subject to assessment of their extensive knowledge, skills, and professional judgment. This distinguished certification is obtained by only one in three orthodontists, highlighting the exceptional standards set forth.

The rigorous certification process entails comprehensive written and clinical examinations. First, orthodontists must complete an extensive written examination comprising 240 questions, which traverse a wide array of orthodontic domains. Subsequently, they present a series of meticulously curated case reports from their own practice before the discerning ABO panel. These reports are subjected to meticulous evaluation and provide the foundation for an oral examination, wherein the orthodontist's proficiency in both clinical and academic realms is scrupulously assessed. Board certification is earned only upon successful completion of these exacting criteria, with subsequent certification renewal mandated every 10 years to ensure a commitment to ongoing excellence.

Board certification serves as a definitive testament to the exceptional quality and experience of orthodontists, underscoring their capacity to remain at the vanguard of cutting-edge advancements in modern orthodontics.

Community Involvement

At Lehi Orthodontics, we deeply value community engagement, considering it a fundamental aspect of our practice. We take immense pride in actively supporting local schools and youth organizations within the Salt Lake City area. Through our school sponsorships, which include Olympus Junior High School, Olympus High School, Skyline High School, and others, we are committed to investing in education and extracurricular activities. By doing so, we aim to contribute to our community and empower young individuals to thrive and succeed.

Additionally, we actively engage in community events like local festivals and fairs, enthusiastically supporting sports teams and other organizations that promote health and wellness. As a family-owned practice, forging meaningful connections with our neighbors is at the core of our values. We wholeheartedly strive to make a positive and lasting impact in the community we are proud to serve.

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